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Type of Extinguishant Description
ABC Chemical Powder • ABC dry powder is a mixture of mono-ammonium phosphate and ammonium sulphate.
• It is versatile and safe to use.
• Ideal for environment where fire hazards can be a mix of Class A (carbonaceous), Class B (flammable liquid) or Class C (flammable gas).
• Economically price and easy to operate.
• Peace of mind as products are PSB-Listed
• Comes in 5 common sizes: 1Kg, 2Kg, 4Kg, 6Kg and 9Kg.


Child carrying 1Kg FE, with a 2Kg FE on ground.
Carbon Dioxide • Carbon dioxide is the ideal agent for use on Class B (flammable liquids) and Class C (flammable gas) fires.
• It is non toxic, non conductive and non corrosive inert gas.
• It works by smothering the flames and reducing the oxygen content of the air around the fire.
• Ideal for kitchen, server room, and computer labs due to its cleanliness in application.
• Peace of mind as products are PSB-Listed.
• Comes in 2 sizes: 2Kg, 5Kg (actual weight is 8kg and 16kg respectively)